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So ok i just converted my self into a whovian :D and I am loving my whovian friends and supporters..they are loyal, super friendly and are really great... so i decided to make plenty more Dr. Who designs :D
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We made the TOP 8 and this is it , the final round!!! :D your votes are very crucial..please vote again..and tell your friends about it too:)

If you have voted already, you can vote again using the same DBH account you had.. And there's only 1 week left for voting (only until Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010) a video and details are available at

Get a chance to win 10 free shirts!! :D vote and comment now!! :D
your name on the comment will be your entry :D


deadline is this Sunday,go go go please :D…

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and so i did make it again on the top 20, i hope this time i will reach even further, last year was tough one..i did somehow made it to the
top10 but not the top5..since this year some rules has been changed, from top 20 down straight to top 5 i would be praying harder that you will give time to vote..:D thanks again!…
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Hello there,

I admit it's been a while since I posted something with some sense. Almost all of my post are about asking for help. But I am telling you this one is no different from that. I love deviantart for it has a very wide audience of people who appreciate art, or maybe that is what i think. Neither the less I am a huge fan of the site and there is no reason why I should not promote my design here it is..

My latest design is for the annual USD 10,000 design contest, also known as the DBH 10k 2010..
well this design has something to do with the recent events that concerns most of us..the Gulf Oil Spill..I wanted to make a different approach in letting the people know that there is still hope and we can still bring our gulf back into our strongest emotion, "love" for nature, love for the animals, love for life..i hope you can check it out :) thank is the… i promise you it nothing chessy that you are thinking right now:)

My other design has almost the same concept with my 10k entry... The contest has a direct concern for the gulf. it is entitled " HOPE for the Gulf" well they have provided two different contest and my ideas are for a cause so i got in in both contest with the same subject of promoting life..:) better see it before you judge me differently:) It's not about getting soft but making a it is… Thank you!!

For the fans of Bruce Lee...high five! I got something for you, and it really needs your help to revive the legend of martial arts! please check it out at this site… prove to me that you are a fan, vote! :)

Again, 2010 has been focused on my designing career...i am making a living with my winnings..and that would not be possible with out deviantart, in helping me promote my designs:) thank you deviantart, DBH, friends, fellow artist, art enthusiast and all...:D


my new site in flash
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please vote for my Haiti is the link…

the design…

thank you!! :D
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ok ok no need to panic..if you have problems voting for my entry, learn the magic in 2… you already have an account at vote here right away..then leave a comment:)…

thank you thank you!!!:)
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Save this design and vote for it:) check it out..been wanting to see this on a good… thank you!!!
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Winning!!! that makes me happy! Being able to know that my art has spoken and the world listened. That in some distant corner of this globe, someone is wearing my design and loving it! Wow!!! Fulfillment, Satisfaction!

Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!! for all your support!!!:D

See the links to more about my happiness!!!…
Use discount code DJYYUZ on your next purchase for a 10% discount!…
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Hello Guys,

I know i have been gone for a while, i was busy making submissions for the different contest on the net..too many to mention, but i have posted my designs here to view, you can check them and perhaps vote for them thanks!

• Anthony Brian A. Villafuerte •
            7-A Villa Abuno St. McArthur Blvd. Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines

E-mail Add:   Office Phone: 348-9898 loc. 75021
SSS: 06-1786448-0 TIN: 202-1546      URL:
Heavyweight Graphic/Visual Artist • Registered Nurse• Vessel Nurse  • Photographer
Adobe Photoshop • Illustrator •  Freehand •  Adobe Premier • Adobe After Effects • Autocad • Ulead •

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION/ SKILLS (For Graphic Artist Application)
• Graduate of Fine Arts Major in Advertising at University of San Carlos
• Knowledgeable in various Macintosh and Windows-based graphic applications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Freehand MX, Coreldraw and Ulead
• Hardworking and able to work under pressure with finesse and hi precision.
• Has great passion for graphic arts and designing, exceptionally creative with a keen eye for details.
• Compassionate in delivering high-end artworks of basic and complex approach for advertising.
• Thrives on challenges and willingly oversees projects from start to finish.
• Delivers effective ideas for conceptualizing in selling a product.
• Has an edge to drive both retro and trendy concepts into a great advertising.
• Has years of experience in designing, illustrating, lay outing and needs minimal supervision.
• Has an innate desire to learn, grow and achieve more.
• Willingness to travel and be assigned on foreign land.

Direct Care • Staff Nurse • Operating Room • Research  • Clinical Setting • Out-patient

• Expertise on assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care, care management, patient education, and patient care comfort leadership.
• Proficient in oral and written communication skills with co-workers, other health team members, and patients.
• Ability to circulate in major orthopedics, general surgery, vascular, gynecology, ENT.
• A Team Member promotes a cooperative working relationship by facilitating and enhancing communication, displaying honesty and respect, displays sensitivity to cultural differences, and expresses and accepts feedback in a professional manner.
• Demonstrates knowledge and ability to implement community resources.
• Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to courteously interact with health plan members and co-workers.
• Trained in Basic Safety and also in Crowd & Crisis Management for Cruise Ship
• Experienced in handling different emergency cases on land and on board.
• Expertise on basic computer operations in Windows and Macintosh for Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Internet programs.
• Has eagerness and willingness to be trained and experience learning through working.

Position                  : Company Nurse/ Freelance Graphic Artist/ Art Consultant
Company                : Sykes Asia Inc.
Period                       : 2005 to Present
Job Summary       
    Primary Functions: Provides first aid and administers emergency measures for urgent cases; Provides medical assistance to employees such as taking vital signs; Coordinates and facilitates together with the physician transfers of patient needing further medical attention to hospitals or other facilities which can further manage such case; Spearheads and implements communication campaign or training on specific programs; Proactively recommends health guideline to promote work life effectiveness.
    Secondary Functions: Ensures proper inventory and disbursement of medicines, medical supplies and the proper maintenance of medical equipments; Coordinates training for first-aides within the company through certified institutions; Maintains employees’ health records and coordinates with company’s accredited physicians and Health Maintenance Organization
    Research Work: Research for and dissemination of safety awareness program including prevention of common illnesses and most recent epidemic outbreaks; develop a comprehensive occupational health program
    Additional Functions: Create and Design attractive graphic and physical display for health programs and advisories; Layouts and illustrates the graphic designs using Adobe Photoshop. Conceptualize, Design and Layout Newspaper Advertisement for the company locally and sometimes nationally. Illustrate and manipulate designs for billboards and big tarpaulins for branding. Art consultant for the different departments on Logo designs and Advisories.

Position                  : Medical Vessel Officer/ Ship Nurse
Company              : Sulpicio Lines Incorporated (ISO 9002 Accredited)
Period      : 2004-2005
Job Summary        : Responsible to the vessel Supervisor for:
    The overall sanitation of the vessel; Water chlorination and ensuring that the drinking water is safe for the passengers consumption; Attending to passenger requesting medical attention and treatment; Providing assistance to passenger & crew in cases of emergency on board; Conducting regular rounds/inspection to observe the condition of the passengers; Performing other tasks which may be assigned from time to time on a 24/7 duty schedule.
Position        : Staff Nurse
Company         : Cebu Doctors Hospital Inc.
Period             :2004
Job Summary         : Nursing procedures, like basic assessment, planning , intervention and implementation. Taking vital signs, blood pressure, monitoring patients. Giving prescribed medicines, feeding nasogastric tubings etc.
Position                  : Freelance Artist/ Photographer/ Art Tutor/ Face Painting Artist
Period                    : 2004 to present
Job Summary        : Accepted jobs on Design and Lay-Outing Calling Cards, Corporate Identity; Portraits, Body/Face Painting; Photography Film/Digital; Graphic Designs, Craft Workshop, Teaches Basic Art for Kids
Position                  : Graphic Artist/ Layout Artist  
Period                    :  2003
Company              : Basic Graphics Incorporated (Printing Press)
Job Summary        : Responsible for performing task using Macintosh Computer in the planning, lay-out and preparation of artworks for inclusion in customer product setup; Prepares prints from rough sketches, models, written or verbal direction, photographs, brochures and computer graphic files; Specializing in modifying, designing and creating different ideas for the enhancement of the customers products or services in prints; Works with other team members to analyze requirements and recommend a design solution.

Perpetual Succour Hospital: Medical/Surgical Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center: Medical/Surgical; Psychiatric-Mental Health; Pediatric Medical Health Tilhaong, Consolacion: Community Health Home for the Dying & Destitute: Geriatric Health
             2002   Graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)
University of San Carlos, Cebu City Philippines
             1998   Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A. Major in Advertising)
University of San Carlos, Cebu City Philippines
             1994   Secondary and Elementary
University of San Carlos Boys High, Cebu City Philippines
University of Regina Carmeli, Malolos Bulacan Philippines

2003    Professional Nurses Licensure Examination
Philippine Professional Regulation Commission
2004    International English Language Testing System
Overall band score of 7.0
2006    First Aid & Basic Life Support Course
Refresher Course
2006    OHNAP Occupational Health Nurses Assoc. of the Philippines
2006    USAID Family Welfare Program
2007         Occupational Safety and Health Membership Seminar
Additional URL:…
this is my first design for same as and dbh. please do check it out, especially if you have an account or into great graphic tees. thanks a lot for your support!…
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go on check it out!
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my entry is your for the taking.. please for it. see link
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See my second design for DBH Design by Human..…

pls. i need your love...Thanks!!!
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If you are fun of wearing cool t-shirts with cool slogans printed on it. Vote some of my slogans at…
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Here is the link for my first ever submitted design…

thank you so much!!!
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lightroom 2 will be my next tool...just recently i installed it in my computer...really cool...some of my questions were answered regarding those cool effects on mens magazine..hahaha now we are even! i'll get my own style and make you wow a mile! hahaha